Things that aren’t funny

Last week I watched the Secret Policeman’s Ball, last night I watched Peter Kay’s Britain’s got the pop factor and blah blah blah. The common denominator in both cases was my stony stoic expression.


For those of you who didn’t see it and are confused by the name, The Secret Policeman’s Ball is a charity comedy gig to raise money for Amnesty International. After 2 laughless hours though, the only joke I found was the irony that the show’s intention was to draw attention to torture. That it did, if only too well! My only hope is that the whole line up – bar one or two exceptions whose names I can’t be bothered to look up – were rounded up by the CIA and taken to Guantanamo Bay.


On a par with that laughless night was the unfathomable Peter Kay’s Britain’s got the pop factor and possibly the most poorly contrived parody of reality TV strictly on ice.


After an advertising campaign so vehement and long winded that it verged on propaganda I expected a piece of comedy gold. After 5 minutes though it was clear that this was to be an unfunny attempt at mocking reality TV.


Perhaps Peter Kay has only just began watching the X-Factor, but to me, after 5 years of the show’s sob stories, hopeless contestants and judges’ dogmatic comments, the format had become so clichéd that it is past the point of mockery.


Don’t worry though, next week there’s a new theme which highlights the hilarious consequences of live television: a person fluffs his lines, a child starts crying and a dog does a shit on the set. It’s incredible stuff, so fresh!




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5 responses to “Things that aren’t funny

  1. I’m not leaving a comment, i just want you to know that i’ve read this.

    You make me feel inadequate about my own writing skills (or lack of).

    But at least i have a job!

  2. The Big Cheg

    Now come on Adam. I hardly think it’s fair to tar all the contributors to the Secret Policeman’s Ball with the same disdainful brush. Liza Tarbuck is surely one of the finest comedienne’s this country has ever produced! How can you not find her funny?!

  3. Bobby Robe

    Frank Skinner! I had to check the date on my phone after he started talking about Heather Mills and Bin Laden to make sure the last 9 months of my life hadn’t in fact been a dream.

    I shall call you, ‘Young Charlie Brooker’. Your acerbic tone of blistering criticism will soon find its full voice if continuing to watch as much TV as you say you are. Hole in the Wall indeed.

  4. Ross

    I don’t think “comediennes” requires an apostrophe James. Awful. Just awful.

    Adam, if that is your real name, presumably this week you will manage to write a little more to alleviate my boredom. It’s not like you don’t have time……

  5. The Big Cheg

    I just threw that in there because I missed you Big Man!

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