The 3rd and final Presidential Debate

It took but a few moments before Senator McCain began his usual line of crap. “It’s good to see you again Senator Obama”. The lying scoundrel!

A lie indeed, but at least he looked genuine, unlike the following 2 hours of snipes, sneers and relentless blinking – why does he blink so much? Did anyone else notice that or was it just me? These are, unfortunately, McCain’s only real policies against a superior opponent. Among the endlessly reiterated attacks was the aspersion over Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers, which Obama neutered, the famed ‘Over Head Projector scandal’, which has been mentioned in every debate – who gives a fuck if Obama bought an OHP for somebody? They’re antiquated technology anyway, so the joke is on the recipient; and a McCain firm favourite – the deliberate misunderstanding of Obama’s health care policy. All these he mentioned, while dishing out plenty of his hackneyed lines such as “I know how to . . .” (fuck up the country even more), “I want to put an end to cronyism ” (which just makes me think of old people) and his firm favourite “I want to help so and so to realize the American Dream”. On this particular occasion though, the later was directed at the new hot topic of debate ‘Joe the plumber’.

I initially thought that Joe the plumber was a strange metaphor for working class (blue collar if you’re American) individuals, but it soon transpired that Joe the plumber is an actual person (Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber from Ohio) who confronted Obama from his doorstep with the line “Your new tax plan is going to tax me more, isn’t it?” McCain obviously seized this as pivotal for re-igniting support for his economic policy, but in spite of Joe’s help, McCain failed to significantly hurt Obama. By the end of the debate, the old man McCain looked angry and frustrated, frequently damming Obama’s ‘eloquence’ for getting him out of trouble.

In their final speeches, McCain appealed to the patriotism of the American people, whereas Obama promised to tirelessly work for them. If we take the Wikipedia definition of The American Dream: ‘belief in the freedom that allows all citizens and residents of the United States to achieve their goals in life through hard work’  I wonder which senator’s method will really help people to realise this dream.



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4 responses to “The 3rd and final Presidential Debate

  1. As astute as your observations are, i still don’t want Obama to win. I still want the 1st black President to be Will Smith. What a role model.

  2. The Jay Man

    “Desperate times calls for desperate measures”….McCain quote….although referring to the somewhat squandering US economy – and its natural link to the pending global economic crisis, rivaling the Great Depression that ultimately led to WW2…..for me, McCain was surmising his own doom and gloom, and his continuation of “dark politics”.

    Although the debate was the final head to head, for me the charity dinner that followed the next day and the speech that Obama made, clarified that this man really has everything….check it out at:

  3. The Big Cheg

    Hurry up and write something else you inconsiderate so-and-so! What do you expect me to do all day? Work?!

  4. p treg

    Hi Mate,

    He does blink to much, I want Obama to win – it will help prove my theory that if you have a skin tone that is not to disimilar to ‘burnt sienna’ you will be amazing at something. Tiger and Lewis are just two examples…

    If you bored check out Greg Holden:


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