Hatred offers some respite from thoughts of the credit crunch

I cannot believe the scale of the over-reaction to the so called ‘Sachsgate’ debacle, for which Jonathan Ross and Russell Brand have now been suspended.

I listened to the entire monologue on YouTube and it was only marginally worse than the material that is regularly broadcast on Brand’s show every Saturday. Admittedly, the one-way conversations had virtually no comedic value, but I also didn’t think that there was that much to be offended by, unless of course you were either Andrew Sachs, or his grand daughter Georgina Baillie.

There have apparently been over 18,000 complaints made since the broadcast on Saturday 18th October; OfCom are on the scene, the police are involved, Gordon Brown has stuck his oar in and what for? What actually is the point? Is this helping anybody?

Those aligned with the Brand/Ross lynch mob, have made a big deal about poor old frail Andrew Sachs being irrevocably hurt by the answerphone messages that were left for him, but so far, I can find little to corroborate this belief.

The Guardian 29/10/08:

MediaGuardian.co.uk understands that on the day the Brand and Ross’s calls to Sachs’ answerphone were recorded, a producer from the BBC rang the former Fawlty Towers actor to ask if he would mind them being used. It is claimed that Sachs said they could be, as long as they were toned down a bit.”

The Independent 29/10/08: 

Asked if he [Andrew Sachs] thought the BBC should have suspended the pair earlier, he said: “I wasn’t counting the time, if it happens, it happens. If they are slow on it, it’s a problem someone else has to take up.” and “These things happen, people get things wrong, in this case they got it badly wrong.”

It would appear that he couldn’t actually give a fuck what was said, but is probably more pissed off by the overblown reaction to the entire charade.

The second line of pity offered up by the Ross/Brand hate club is aimed at Andrew Sachs’ poor grand daughter Georgina Baillie (below, in case you thought that was Andrew Sachs). She is an ‘aspiring model’ that ‘sold’ her version of events to The Sun and “dances under the stage name Voluptua in burlesque troupe The Satanic Sluts”  The Daily Mail 29/10/08.


Quite the shrinking violet. It’s hard to imagine that her grandfather was shocked by the revelation that she had had sex with Russell Brand. I would have thought that by now, you were in the minority if you hadn’t slept with him!

So, to conclude, have Andrew Sachs and his grand daughter been damaged by what was said, or have they been damaged by the media hyperbole?

Well, to look at the statistics for a second. Between Saturday 18th October, when the show was initially broadcast, and the following Sunday (26th), when ‘The Hate Mail on Sunday’ ran it’s first visceral article of anger against the pair, the BBC had received TWO complaints and now, as I mentioned, that total has risen to over 18,000.

I understand people being offended. I’m sure that when Fawlty Towers re-runs many Spanish immigrants wince at the sight of an uptight hotelier overworking, mocking, verbally abusing and occasionally beating, a racist stereotype of Spanish man. Although, the majority of the British population would hardly notice there was an issue. 

Boundaries of taste and acceptability are constantly tried and tested and inevitably there are always going to be those that overstep the mark, but without people pushing the limits there would be no progression — No Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones, no Animal Farm by George Orwell, no That Nigger’s Crazy by Richard Prior.

We are a week away from potentially ushering in a new era of politics — a new hope. The Daily Mail and other such gutter press highlight the ‘old way’ — the buttressing of antiquated ideals and a firm stand against Obamas’ ‘change over fear’. I only hope that when the BBC and OfCom carry out their review they can see the ‘new way’.



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6 responses to “Hatred offers some respite from thoughts of the credit crunch

  1. Si

    i hate the mail!
    jst a statement really of wat everyone shuld think, in my opinion which is of course correct on all levels all the time, obviously.

    neway that had nuffin to do with this but il carry on, as u mentioned there were 2 complaints after about a week from the initial broadcast and a further 1798 since the mail published hatred which they always do and now there are thousands of complaints from wat i can only imagine are jobless people who have 12 white children and read the mail (possibly worshipping hitler too), who probably havent even heard the broadcast but read or heard a biased exert out of context on the subject who now all despise both Brand and Ross. it has all been blown out of proportion.
    also i think i heard that Russell has resigned due to this and am sure he probably doesnt really care, as the money he earnt from the BBC is probably a small percentage of current films etc he is doing, and by taking both of them off air the BBC are just making matters worse as now not only people who dislike the pair will be not viewing shows but also people who did like them so theyv done a great job.

    Peace & Love to all!

  2. Bobby Robe

    I’m still depressed that he won’t be doing the radio show again. It’s sickening to think there are so many self-rightous do-gooders in the Country, people who worry more about what others are upto than themselves.

    p.s The Spanish think Manuel is from Mexico. When it was shown over there they changed it so as not to offend.

  3. P Treg

    Here here.

    I can’t honestly believe 20000 people have wasted time in their lives to complain? It’s very very sad

    Such a disproportional and irrational perspective has been assumed by the media, its almost beyond belief.


  4. Ultimately, i don’t care whether or not the show was out of order. I don’t care who complained or why. I’m just glad Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross are in shit. I hate them both. They are two overpaid, worthless twats who are about as funny as finding out you have a terminal illness.

    Obviously i will get some stick for these opinions as the majority of the sheep in this country think they are both great. Bottom line, they are not. It’s about time they were knocked down a peg or two, so ultimately i don’t really give a monkey’s how said knocking down arises.

    Seems fine.

  5. Cheggers

    Peggy, hurry up and write something new so I can post a stupid comment that makes you wish you hadn’t bothered in the first place.

  6. I just wanted to say I attemtped a lengthy, pithy, humerous and intelligent point regarding this subject. Unfortunately I forgot to put my email in the submit box and got an error message telling a reqired field was empty.

    As a result I lost my post and cannot be bothered to type it again.

    I fail.
    Case closed.

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