Fanning the flames

Apologies for the delay in writing, once again I have been on holiday. This time I was in Sardinia, lounging on a luxury yacht off the coast of Costa Verde with Naomi Campbell and a clutch of celebrity pals, chuckling over her inconveniences at The Hague.

I neglected to read or watch a single piece of news while I was away on this trip, but now I’ve returned I can see that I’ve not missed much. The dominant headlines are pretty similar in tone – besmirching the reputation of politicians, scoffing at celebrity fashion faux pas and continuing to cover with regularity the escalating nonsense that is Ground Zero Mosque. This story was running before I went away over a week ago and now I’ve returned it seems to have gathered momentum with the news of lunatic Florida pastor Terry Jones threatening to hold a ‘burn the Qur’an day’ tomorrow, on the 9th anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks.

What’s wrong with this man? Is he an idiot? Judging by the speech I watched him deliver regarding his proposal, his staccato, bullet point rhetoric would indicate that he is possibly suffering from some mental deficiency – an observation further confirmed by his facial hair and pig ignorant scowl, and then cemented by the revelation that Jones was dismissed by a church board in Cologne in 2008 after allegedly faking a title as doctor of theology, forcing members of his Christian mission to give him a percentage of their earnings, work for little or no money and causing the break up of their families and friendships. Onward Christian soldier!

But this is just one blithering idiot with a vastly overblown sense of self importance threatening to burn 20 books in a small town in Florida. Can’t we just ignore him? The woman living next door to me is almost certainly insane – feeding sausages and cornflakes to pigeons through her letterbox on an almost daily basis. She could heat her home solely through means of a Qur’an burning stove and no one would bat an eyelid.

 If the media elected not to cover the Qur’an burning story we wouldn’t have Pakistanis burning an American flag and displaying a sign reading: “If Qur’an is burned it would be beginning of destruction of America”, Interpol would not need to send a warning that “violent attacks on innocent people would follow [the burning of the Qur’an]”, and an Afghan protestor would not have been shot dead. But where do you draw the line? After all, the whole story is a farce. The Ground Zero Mosque is no more a mosque than my accomodation was a luxury yacht, and it is no nearer Ground Zero than I was to the Costa Verde. Unfortuantely, a holiday about me staying in a small town in southwest Sardinia with a couple of Italian friends, however true, is not very interesting and, therefore, not worth covering.


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