Bored of MySpace? . . . Facebook pissing you off? No need to worry, there’s a new one! It’s called twitter and for those squares among you that don’t know, it’s the new ‘must-do’ on the internet. Not as easy as texting, more time consuming than an email, far more restrictive than blogging – which as far as I can tell renders it completely pointless – but nevertheless, it’s here to stay; and if you don’t think that’s cool, then you might as well fuck off, because there is no way you are hip enough to be involved.


What am I up to? . . . Dying to know? . . . But only so long as it’s contained within a message of 140 characters or less? Well you certainly won’t find out by reading this line of crap, and to be honest you still might not find out if you sign up to my twitter account – as I may not have been bothered to update my profile for over 24 hours – but, all things considered, you will have a 100% better chance of learning about the life and times of yours truly if you get involved at: